Mobile Casino games: Roulette

Walk into a casino anywhere on the globe and you'll still see people scurrying around the roulette tables frantically writing down the result of each spin, the aim of this not too scientific research being to identify some kind of mechanical bias in a wheel that results in the ball finally coming to a stop in one particular sector of numbers more than the rest. This may well have occasionally proved successful in the good old days but is a futile venture now and, as far as online casinos are concerned, completely irrelevant as the result of each spin is generated randomly.

So without the luxury of a physical crack in the casino's armour that renders the house edge useless, we must simply face facts and accept that we have no influence on Lady Luck and are conceding a slight numerical advantage in return for an exciting game that, not only can we play while waiting for a train or during an otherwise monotonous journey, but can also emerge from with more money than we started with.

Nevertheless, this isn't to say that we can't have an impact on the game in a way which helps us determine our own parameters and affects our overall prospects.

With this in mind a recommended strategy, for instance, is to accompany our more interesting bets with a double bet on an evens odds wager such as red/black or even/odds with a view to increasing the likelihood of making money regardless of whether our number comes up, for example.

Perhaps the best advice for beginners is to play free Roulette before committing with real money. This helps get acquainted with the many aspects of the game, from simple to more complex bets, timing, the process itself and, ultimately, making multiple bets across the table (if you fancy getting really jiggy with it).

Good luck, have fun and play within your bankroll!

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