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Video poker is perfect for those who prefer casino games but would also like to try out a bit of poker while maintaining the 1:1 player-house experience - it's a game that for many has the best of both worlds.

Moreover, in keeping with the slots element, video poker has the added attraction that its version of the jackpot - the dream Royal Flush - could come at any time and bring with it a potentially life-changing reward.

Having said that, unlike slots and other gambling games that rely totally on luck, here we must at least have an appreciation of the fundamentals and, if we want to adopt any kind of sensible approach when playing this skill game, it is worth taking time out to acquaint ourselves with some useful strategies as different games require different angles.

While it is imperative that we actually learn the rules and hand values and so on (simple), the key and welcome difference between this version and the traditional game is that with video poker we are rewarded for achieving certain poker hands (typically a pair of Jacks being the minimum), with payouts increasing in value as the hands get stronger.

The object of the game, of course, is to decide which cards to keep/discard when looking to improve, which is where most people tend to make mistakes due to the combinations of the choices they are presented with - it is not unusual to be dealt a winner right at the off, but even then we must try to maximise our chances of earning a bigger payout. Simply getting acquainted with the odds of drawing this or that hand in the situations that crop up most often, as well as keeping in mind the potential payouts, should make a big difference.

Meanwhile, here are a few 'rules' to optimise our chances. First, given the size of the payout and the rare opportunities to attain the ultimate goal, always go for the Royal Flush when the chance arises, regardless of the version of the game. When playing 'Joker' poker it is a sin to keep two pair and thus draw only one card! In the same vain, in 'Deuces Wild' when the hand features a Joker and no pairs, always keep only the Joker and discard all the others.

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