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Perhaps the best known casino game, roulette brings with it as an attraction an array of betting opportunities, from the simple evens odds wagers such as red/black or odd/even and single number bets that pay 35/1 to others like 1st 12, 2nd 12 and so on, or placing a chip at the centre of four numbers... The more adventurous we feel, the more bets we can place.

The first important thing to remember is that, regardless of how many times we hear of a 'winning' roulette system, we should be aware that there is no such magical remedy, as the house edge on a European roulette table (with a single '0' slot) is 2.7%, and this is effectively doubled in American roulette (due to the additional double zero).

But of course we can't let such a small percentage prevent us from having fun - if we took too much notice of numbers we'd be afraid to walk across a road (although crossing a road while playing roulette on a mobile isn't recommended). In fact - as with all games of chance - the potential rewards, bet choices and the excitement of the game itself combine to make roulette a particularly entertaining choice.  

Rather than expend too much energy studying systems that in some cases revolve around the reckless quest of chasing losses (even with increasingly large bets!), it's better to get acquainted with the different types of bets available and the odds these pay out and, appreciating that this is a game of chance, enjoy it.

A simple golden rule that is often ignored is that each new spin will produce a result that is completely independent of anything that has happened before. Previous results have no influence whatsoever over future spins of the wheel, so that if the last three spins have seen the virtual ball land on red, we are no less likely to see the same outcome next time.

The best system of all, not surprisingly, is sensible money management - decide on a roulette bankroll for whenever it's a good time to enjoy a bit of mobile gambling and make a point of sticking to it. Moreover, although it's nice to win money, the most healthy attitude is to welcome decent sized wins as a great extra when they come around but don't expect to necessarily make a profit.

Roulette in particular is great entertainment, which is rewarding enough, and it would be unusual not to experience numerous wins during a given session. Have fun! 


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